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What is the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network?

The Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network is a private network created for you, the talented veterinary professional! We're dedicated to providing a community and resources to help you and your inventory strategy thrive.

Whether you're looking to get started, improve your inventory, or level up as a leader, this is where you'll get clear on your next move and find the support and tools you need to make it happen.

Have you ever seen super talented inventory managers and wondered, “how on earth did they get so knowledgeable?”

If you are a new inventory manager (or even an established one!), it can be really frustrating to get the training, help, and support you need!

And if you’re newer to managing inventory, seeing all of the numbers and unsure of exactly what you should be doing can be totally intimidating.

You see people managing their inventory who seem to be no-stress and “living the dream”… but for the life of you, you can’t figure out how they actually run a smooth, profitable inventory system.

You’d love to get the same results, but how? Do they have something you don’t? Nope!

You can do it, too! Just imagine...

  • Being the go-to leader in your hospital and having clients and team members thanking you for helping them get exactly what they needed.
  • Knowing exactly what to order, when, and have the knowledge and confidence to have exactly what you need on hand.
  • Become the "hero of your practice" and watch your practice thrive, ensure your job security, and create greater income opportunities for yourself
  • Having freedom, flexibility, joy, and confidence in your inventory program knowing you are helping your hospital be successful.

A carefully curated pathway of learning

  • Support: Connect with like-minded, passionate veterinary professionals who are just as driven to reach their goals and transform their inventory as you are.
  • Accountability: We’ll help hold you accountable for reaching your goals, while cheering you on every step of the way.
  • Impact: Be part of something epic! We’re collectively empowering women entrepreneurs for generations to come.
  • Answers: Get answers to the things you just can’t Google from fellow veterinary professionals who have been there, done that (successfully!).

  • Elite Member Only: 🔥 Themed conversations with fellow members on key and controversial topics (think: online pharmacies, pricing strategies, organization)
  • Elite Member Only: 💺 Hot seats where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now from the brilliant minds in this community
  • Elite Member Only: 🏃 VISN-ary Collab Sessions – our weekly online session where you can co-work remotely with fellow members and get the important stuff done

  • Elite Member Only: ▶️ Regular webinars with special guests and thought leaders
  • Elite Member Only: ✒️ Exclusive articles from our founders and mentors
  • Tell – Create an inventory strategy that's not only efficient but profitable as well
  • Dream – Create an inspiring vision and a focus for your ideas

  • Share – Discover exclusive tips, tricks, and strategies to stop the overwhelm and help transform your inventory
  • Elite Member Only: 📺 Live Q&As with the founder and mentors where you can get your questions answered
  • Learn – Ensure you don’t waste time on the wrong ideas
  • Build – Learn tools to create a thriving inventory system

The Benefits of Becoming an Elite Member of the VISN

When you join the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network, you'll be joining other a group of other veterinary professionals dedicated to their hospital's inventory.

Within the group, you'll receive the tools and resources you need to create a profitable, efficient inventory management strategy.

Within the group there are:

  • Monthly Peer-to-Peer Roundtable Discussions
  • Monthly Masterclass Sessions
  • Hot Seat Sessions Where Anyone Can Share their Biggest Challenges
  • Members-Online Private Online Group
  • Online Inventory Management Development Clinics
  • Expert Interview Library
  • Resource Library and Worksheets
  • Smaller Sub-groups and Local Meet-Ups
  • ... and more! 

We'd love to have you a part of our corner of the Veterinary world!

Why not Facebook?

The Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network is ours! It was created by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals. It's our goal to isolate and elevate the best parts of social media while avoiding all of the worst aspects!

More of this:

  • connecting with your peers and other veterinary professionals
  • meeting new friends who share your same inventory and professional goals
  • learning how to make managing inventory more rewarding
  • sharing useful information and experiences
  • having meaningful and authentic conversations
  • supporting and celebrating each others’ accomplishments

Less of this: 

  • scrolling past seemingly endless sponsored posts
  • the lack of authenticity and influencer culture
  • a one-way broadcast with only superficial interactions
  • the toxicity and the trolling
  • and, definitely, the ubiquitous distractions...

    Ding! You *were* reading about your friend's amazing trip to Gates of the Arctic National Park…but after that last Facebook notification popped up you’re now suddenly arguing with your crazy uncle about Trump.

What does it look like?

Built around the Mighty Networks platform, it's a bit different around the edges, yet still totally familiar. 

A main news feed congregates the stuff that's relevant to you—and you have control over what you see (or don't see). Focused groups ensure you can connect directly with your peers, while the larger VISN Community connects you with inventory managers and veterinary professionals across the country. Posts are easily organized into topic areas to make it easy for people to find what they're looking for. 

There are a number of features intended to connect you directly with others, including both in-person and virtual events, community-wide chat, direct messaging, and even an ability to find members that live near you.

The VISN Guarantee

The Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network comes with a 100% money-back guarantee... but it doesn't stop there! I promise you'll see an improvement with your inventory.

I promise you'll feel more positive about managing inventory. You'll gain more confidence, embrace challenges, and earn recognition for your achievements.

I promise you'll have fun, get more done, and feel encouraged by a community of people like you; full of enthusiasm for their careers and excitement for the transformation they're making with their inventory.

I'm so sure you'll be delighted with your decision to join the Veterinary Inventory Strategy Network that I'm making this promise to you... if at any time during the first 30 days (for annual memberships) or the first 15 days (for monthly memberships) you decide you'd like a refund -- you'll get it without any questions, hassles, or delay.

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